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Media Buying

We buy you television and radio media space for your ads, you broadcast them! It's that simple. Your money will be safely spent, and you can acquire the slot you want across a variety of South Indian television broadcasters.

Media Marketing

Media marketing gives you access to primetime ad slots from the serials we produce ourselves. Like our Media Buying efforts, you'd gain access to a large viewership across the South Indian TV Series spectrum, and with greater control.


Our meteoric rise had laid the foundations for the production of our very own soap operas. Over time, we’ve created such time tested shows as Pon Oonjal, Vamsam and Kalyana Parisu amongst others. We handle all operations: from conception to production and conclusion.


Vision Time evolved from a one-man ad solution service for television in 1992 to a multifarious in-house production studio. Partnering with top clients and leading broadcasters, the company has forged an empire of high-caliber media properties, but an empire where all parties involved have grown with us. That's our legacy

Our other services

Vision Pro, Trend Loud, and Trend Music are subsidiaries of Vision Time™. They are services established to cater to specific subsections of the media and marketing business, and they provide specialised marketing solutions in both, the traditional and digital space.
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In a timespan of 23 years, we've produced over two dozens of serials that have clocked more than 5000 hours on television and launched innumerable new talents.Today, we're  numero uno in this space bringing 100+ brands along with us in this journey.
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A Look Back At Our History

A journey to the footprints we left in our memory lane.

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Services we offer

  • Event management
  • Digital marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Media buying

    Our Media Buying portfolio includes a vast array of clients, both corporate and independent, and for a variety of platforms including television and radio. Through our experience of well over two decades, we know how to streamline your content so that it maximizes the reach while cutting on costs. Furthermore, we have seamlessly integrated our events and digital marketing services, thereby giving your business an option of growing exponentially. Quality, efficiency, connectivity - that's our forte.

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    Media Marketing

    The Media Marketing services we offer at Vision Time includes prime advertisement slots for the serials we produce for broadcasters. By marketing for the shows we create, we not only offer greater control and flexibility over the ads, but also can predict results with high accuracy. We also have a unique expertise of the market captured by Sun Television Network, and our two decade relationship with the broadcaster has positioned us ideally to drive traffic to your business.

  • Content creation

    Our content creation and production endeavour was a natural evolution of our Media and Marketing business. Given our advertisement success within the South Indian television spectrum, we've been rewarded by broadcasters with space to create our own soap operas. We’ve thus created such time tested shows as Pon Oonjal, Vamsam, Chinna Pappa – Periya Pappa, and Kalyana Parisu amongst others. By having a team of industry veterans at our tips, Vision Time handles all aspects of the production process: from conception to cameras to conclusion.

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  • Event management

    Check out Vision Pro for the host of intriguing events we conduct on a timely basis. You may even have a chance to get involved!

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  • Digital marketing

    When a YouTube video can generate more traffic in seven days than a billboard ad in seven months, you know that something is fishy! Go fishy - checkout TrendLoud for all your Digital Marketing needs.

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